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In today’s fast-growing and ever-expanding labor market, a forward-looking mindset combined with sourcing people who are the right fit, not just for the immediate job, but hiring for the long term with future growth in mind, remains Remotivate’s preferred approach in hiring.

Such was the case at AMZ Pathfinder, one of Amazon’s fastest growing PPCs.

Initially contacted by AMZ Pathfinder CEO Brent Zahradnik in 2017 to fill the posts of Client Account Managers and account manager, the people that Remotivate did connect with AMZ Pathfinder, namely, Laura, who is now the COO, Marco and Sammy have proven to be excellent foundations as the company continued to steadily expand and grow.

“Before, we hired people mainly through word of mouth and referrals from people we also worked with,” shares Brent Zahradnik, owner of AMZ Pathfinder. “ Hiring people was a mix of history, luck and happenstance.”

Brent’s Testimony

Working with Remotivate’s established processes of screening and following up applications has greatly helped ease the mental load and time-consuming process narrowing down qualified candidates to the A-players and superstars his company needed. 

When asked what was the most rewarding thing about working with Remotivate was, he shares: “Definitely the outcome we have had with people you helped bring on the team,” Zahradnik says. “Our early rockstars helped set the tone, culture, and sensibility of the company and has helped to train, hire, educate and expand the team until now.”

“Good seeds have been planted.”



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