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Head of Operations

“I just realized that I don’t have the person in the right seat right now.”

Such was the conclusion Wes Bush, founder of, came to after another less than optimal company summit. With so many ideas and initiatives, Wes needed someone who could handle the operations side of the company so he could focus on the work needed to power his business.

“It was posting a job description on one job board, seeing what rolled in, and interviewing all those people individually, which at the end of the day, you are one: limiting your options, and two: it’s super time-intensive.

Together with Remotivate, Wes and the team were able to effectively craft and build the picture of the ideal Head of Operations that his company needed.

“What does the ideal position look like? What does the person have to not just do but what will be their direct core responsibilities? So crafting that was a big step.” Wes acknowledged.

With the ideal person in mind, Remotivate connected Wes with Gretchen Duhaime, now ProductLed’s Director of Operations.

Wes Bush Testimonial

Whereas before, Wes described operations to be “all over the place“, but having Gretchen onboard, leading and implementing key initiatives and programs, allowed him to focus on growing and developing the company’s business side.

“Yeah, you can totally trust this person that’s gonna be able to lead initiatives and help you out, whereas my skill set is more of on starting things, not maintaining them. So now, it’s a nice, handy duo.”

Wes credits Remotivate with expediting the hiring process and finding people who get things done. However, when asked if he would recommend ReMotivate or if there’s any other place where ReMotivate’s services may not be a good fit, he had this to say:

“Unless it’s some super-duper technical, that might be an exception or some crazy AI, but then again, how deep do you have to go when you can get the team (Remotivate) to vet culture fit and other pieces that are super important, I don’t think there’s one place where this won’t work really well.”



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