How We Hire

An overview of how we hire at Remotivate

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Getting to know your needs

We will sync with you on exactly the person you need. Don't worry, we have all our questions ready to determine the ideal candidate that will perform best with your company

Vision Work

Using our Vision Work form, we work with you to define the role you are looking to fill. This will include a summary of the role and its purpose, a list of responsibilities, a list of requirements including necessary skills, the salary range and hours of work/timezone requirements

Market Research

We will conduct market research to analyze similar positions in the market to ensure your requirements and expectations are in line with what exists in the market


Once we complete the market research and confirm the requirements of the role, you will receive and sign the contract and submit payment

Search and Funnel Potential Candidates

We will utilize our database and numerous remote-focused platforms to search for the candidates that best fit your needs and push them through a personalized funnel to test for all criteria needed including personality, culture fit, skill level, relevant experience, and salary expectations

Inviting Candidates

Candidates are invited across multiple platforms for maximum outreach

Funnel Work

Candidates are screened and shortlisted through a series of questionnaires, skill tests, an initial video screening

Interview with Hiring Manager

Best candidates beeing interviewed with one of our Hiring Managers

You get top candidates for an interview

Only the top 3-5 candidates will be chosen and sent to you for a 1-on-1 call. We will provide you with all of the information we've collected from them through our process so you are well acquainted

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