How We Hire

how we hire

Are you interested in how we find the best candidates for our clients over and over? Check out our step by step process below.


Discovery Phase aka Vision Work

We dedicate around a week to learning about the needs of your company and what position you are looking to fill for those needs to be met.

Not all businesses we work with are 100% sure on the approach to take for a particular role they are looking for, and we are here to help! From the title of the position, to what the top requirements should be for the new hire to really excel at your company.

Believe it or not, this step can make or break the entire hiring process, so we take it extra seriously to get it right from the start!


Setup Fee + Contract

Once we've concluded on the vision for your role (the exact role we will be going after), we will sign an agreement and the first payment of $500 will be processed.

Return customers or those on our subscription plan are not charged this fee.


Market Research

Lots of agencies and businesses will jump right into hiring for a role before really doing their research on the position.

Is this a high demand role in the remote space or in your industry? If so, we'll need to invite MORE candidates from the start.

Does the average salary for your position in the market exceed what you're offering? How can you know without the right research beforehand!



Once the market research has been completed, we will issue the second invoice for payment.

This payment is 100% money-back guarantee.

See further information on our pricing.


Developing Your Hiring Funnel

Every position is unique and requires an individual approach. We make sure to take the vision and research of your position into account as we develop the step-by-step process candidates will move through.

Our hiring funnels are anywhere between 4-6 steps, and are sent to you for approval before launch along with the final job description that will be used.

Our funnel will test for culture fit, personality, work experience, skill level, motivations, salary expectations and more.

This step takes on average 2-3 days.


Launch Position & Invite Candidates

Once the hiring funnel has been approved, we'll actively invite hundreds of candidates across dozens of platforms to apply for your position.

Based on our research of location, requirements, salary being offered and more we'll target the appropriate places for finding your top candidates.

This step takes anywhere between 3 days to a week.


Filter Applicants

From day one of launch, you will receive access to our database of all applicants that apply. We want you to see the work being done, candidates who are being interviewed and those that are really standing out from the crowd.

You'll get complete access to applicants CVs, assessments, videos, test projects, salary expectations and our interview notes.

We believe in quality. Each step an applicant goes through is assessed by our hiring team on a scale of 1-5 based on our internal scoring system that we'll provide further information about before sending the database your way.

This step takes anywhere between 1½ - 3 weeks.


Final Interviews

We will help coordinate final interviews with you, and provide you with all the information you need to make the most informed decision.

We also provide call support in case you'd like to discuss top applicants before or after final interviews are conducted.

This step takes about 1 week.


Reference Checks

Before making the final decision on the applicant of your choice or setting it in stone, we conduct 2-3 reference checks to make sure previous employers weren't disappointed or had any serious issues with the applicant.

This step takes around 2-3 days.


3 Month Support

All our clients have the support of our team in case of any questions or concerns throughout the onboarding/trial period of a new hire.

We're happy to provide contract templates, answer any doubts around setting the right KPIs for new hires, or just have a friendly check-in chat.

In case extensive support is needed for the onboarding and maintenance, we have separate programs in place we are happy to offer.

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