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We Have One Mission ...

To help you land your remote job in under 3 months.

Why this Community?

Are You Experiencing Any of These?

🙇‍♂️ Inconsistent Job Search

You are applying to jobs here and there, but you don’t have a system to track your progress or stay consistent. Without a process or a support system - you are struggling to keep up, especially with everything else you have on your plate...

😭 Little-to-No Interviews

You are applying to dozens of jobs but getting close to 0 interviews. At this point, you don’t know what else you can do and are on the verge of giving up.

😵‍💫 Job Hunt Exhaustion

You feel exhausted, demotivated, and overwhelmed after weeks, or maybe even months trying to get a job with no success.

😡 Constant Rejection

You are getting rejected over and over, and no one is telling you WHY! You’re getting the same rejection emails from recruiters, or no responses at all.

😶‍🌫️ Resume Redos Nightmare

You’ve made more versions of your resume than you can count. At this point, you aren’t sure what’s right or wrong anymore. You may have even paid for your resume to be fixed by an “expert”, but that didn’t help you land more interviews.

😱 Overwhelm

There is so much information online - gurus, guides, courses, and “experts” telling you what you should or shouldn’t do - you are feeling overwhelmed with all the information.

🤔 More Questions Than Answers

Which job boards to follow? Why are there so many applicants in every role you apply to? Why aren’t recruiters giving actual feedback? Do you make 1 resume, or adjust for every job you apply for?

If you are experiencing any of these…
We can help! At Remotivate, our mission is to help you get hired in under 3 months.

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Imagine Getting More Positive Replies,
Getting on More Interviews with Less Time & Effort


Our team at Remotivate and I designed this community and content with YOU in mind.

So we are sharing relevant & real-time information about the current remote job market so that you can get your dream remote job in 3 months or less!


Cut through the noise and learn exactly what to prepare for before starting your job hunt.

Level Up

Level up your application materials to land more interviews fast.


Discover everything you need to succeed during your interviews.


Set yourself up for success during the final stages of your job offer.

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Who is This For

We’re building a community for candidates that are:

What’s Inside Our Candidates Community

📖 A Simple-to-Follow Video Course +
Actionable Checklists ($395 Value)

We are sharing best practices for getting a REMOTE-FIRST job.

🎙️Weekly Live Sessions ($295 Value)

Anna will be leading weekly training and Q&A sessions. So you’ll get to:

🌎 A Supportive Community Forum (Priceless!)

We have a private community forum to connect with other Remotivate members, get support, ask questions, and hold each other accountable.

You can ask questions, celebrate your success with others, and progress together toward your dream career goals.

Our discussion forum is a space where you can:

😱 Access to Secret & Unpublished Roles from Our Remotivate Network (Priceless!)

You probably heard that networking is vital for your job search.

This is why we are posting exclusive roles and opportunities just for our private community and giving you access to OUR network!

This is what it means for you…

🎁BONUS: Access to Our Exclusive Resume Guide ($55 value)

This is not another guide you can download on the internet for free, or probably even buy.

Since we have been running our own recruitment agency for 6+ years, we know the nitty-gritty about creating stunning resumes that help candidates land interviews.

Anna, the CEO of Remotivate made this guide as part of the community to share with you everything she knows about creating the resume that will finally work for you.

In this guide:

🎥 Practical Lessons for Creating Memorable Resumes that WILL Land You a Remote Job

📄A Simple to Use Resume Template that You Can Fill Out Using the Step-by-Step Instructions

Choose the Option That Works Best for You!


$ 29
  • 📖 A Simple-to-Follow Video Course
  • ✅ Actionable Checklists
  • 🎙️Weekly Live Session
  • 🌎 A Supportive Community Forum
  • 😱 Access to Secret & Unpublished Roles
  • 🎁 BONUS: Access to Our Exclusive Resume Guide


$ 59
  • 📖 A Simple-to-Follow Video Course
  • ✅ Actionable Checklists
  • 🎙️Weekly Live Session
  • 🌎 A Supportive Community Forum
  • 😱 Access to Secret & Unpublished Roles
  • 🎁 BONUS: Access to Our Exclusive Resume Guide

Hear from Our Candidates

By Using the Candidates Community, You Will be Able to:

Land More Interviews

…with content made by our team of expert recruiters, you’ll get the most relevant advice for landing a job in the remote space.

Get Your Questions Answered

…by our team and fellow candidates, who will help you get actionable advice you can apply RIGHT away. Or directly on our weekly live Q&As with our Founder – Anna Shcherbyna.

Level Up Your Application Materials

…so that any recruiter will be motivated to interview you ASAP.

Get Hired…

…and know exactly how to navigate the job offer process, company expectations, onboarding and more!

After working with dozens of candidates at Remotivate, we know exactly what companies are looking for when they’re hiring talent.

And we’re excited to share this knowledge with you!

Why Should You Trust Me?

Dear Candidate, I’m Anna 👋

I’m a Barcelona-based Remote Recruitment Expert and the CEO of Remotivate with over 10+ years of experience in hiring remote candidates internationally.

My Recruitment Agency Remotivate works with top Remote-first companies and distributed teams to hire top talent.

I’ve personally conducted thousands of interviews, so I know exactly what remote companies are really looking for.

I’ve placed hundreds of candidates from all over the world (from junior to C-level) into fully remote roles.

I once was in the candidate’s shoes, feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and based in a country with little to no good job opportunities.

I wanted to work online and had NO idea how to get there. 

It took me almost 2 years to figure out – I didn’t know what I didn’t know. 

I was exhausted from my current job but had no way out. 

Remote work changed the entire course of my life and gave me the opportunity to build the life I truly wanted for so many years.

This is the community I wish I had when I started my journey. And I’m excited for this community to help you achieve the life you desire.  

We’re Not Another Job Coach, Course, or a Job Board

Since we are running our own recruitment agency, we are aware of the current job market trends, what companies are looking for when hiring remote candidates, and all the nitty-gritty of the hiring process.

After being in the market for over 6 years, we’ve realized one of the biggest challenges candidates have is getting rejected over and over while receiving NO actionable feedback from recruiters – so we decided to change that!

Candidates DESERVE to know what they can do to get hired. Instead of receiving rejection messages, or no messages at all.

Inside the Remotivate Community, we are on a mission to make sure you have ALL the feedback and information you need to succeed. 🚀

What Our Private Community Is and Is Not

What Our Private Community IS
What Our Private Community IS NOT

You Have Questions? We Got Answers!

The Remotivate Candidate Community is a supportive community that is designed with YOU in mind.

We are sharing relevant & real-time information about the current remote job market so that you can get your dream remote job in 3 months or less! 

Inside our community, you will get access to a video course that comes with actionable checklists & worksheets, live trainings, and a supportive community forum.

If you want to land a remote job ASAP – this community is for you. We created it so that you don’t need to do any more guesswork, be ghosted by recruiters, or spend months without any progress.

Inside Remotivate, we are sure that if you use the information from the community and take action on it, you will be able to land a job in under 3 months. We also wanted to make this community affordable to everyone in the world!

We don’t provide guarantees. The information inside is invaluable, and we believe that if you take action on it, you will succeed.

We already made the Remotivate Community as affordable as possible. We believe that everyone in the world should be able to get access to the education required to land a remote job. 

The small amount we are charging will help us build a team to sustain and support the community in the best possible way.

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