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I’ve helped hundreds of candidates learn how to level up their Linkedin Profile and Resume to land more interviews and job offers, with a simple roast.

What is a resume roast? A 10-minute, private video, packed with personalized, easy-to-implement advice that will improve your resume or LinkedIn profile quality. Sent to you within 72 hours.

Is this you?

Not sure what you’ve missed? You need a resume roast.

Watch a Linkedin Profile roast

Don’t worry, yours will be personalized for you and 100% private.

A personalized video audit

Your roast is a 10 minute private, personalized video audit detailing what you’ve missed and how to fix it.

Fixes identified

Specific fixes to your headline, photo, previously held roles, skills, about section, recommendations, positioning and more.

Don't lose job offers

By making simple changes to your Linkedin profile or Resume, you can start getting the job offers you’ve been waiting for asap.

Save Time & Effort

With the changes made, you won’t have to spend months applying to hundreds of roles to get an offer, because companies will clearly see your value.

No-risk guarantee

If you don’t get a job offer within a month, I’ll refund you.

How it works: your 4 simple steps to increase job offers

I’m Anna 👋

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you obsessed with roasting resumes?

After speaking with hundreds of candidates, I’ve realized most could be landing a job in weeks instead of months just by making a few small tweaks to how they present themselves and their resume or Linkedin. 

I believe the future is remote, and I want to help as many candidates get remote jobs as possible.

Will I actually get more job offers?

If you make the changes I recommend and apply for jobs aligned with your resume or LinkedIn Profile, absolutely! Or I'll give you your money back.

Why a 10-minute video?

Many candidates spend thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours in courses and coaching to figure out how to land a remote job.

But 10 minutes is actually all you need to optimize your profile or resume, and get the  most-important insights and actionable changes to get a job asap.

How much does it cost?

$75 with no contract, commitments or ongoing fees.

Is my roast private?

Yes! You'll be sent a private link to view and download your roast. It won't be shared elsewhere.

Can you roast other aspects of my application process?

Yes! I can definitely review and provide feedback on any part of an application process you’d like me to review. Please keep in mind that it has to be limited to one document, cover letter, or application per roast.

Can you roast my German, French, Spanish (foreign language) resume or Linkedin Profile?

Yes! Google Translate gives me a good understanding of your key messages. Your roast will be in English.

Do you do 1-on-1 consulting?

Yes! Email me on with the subject 1-on-1 Consulting and I'll send you details of additional services, which can be booked before or after a roast.

Stop wasting your time and energy on applications that get you nowhere.

Experience confidence in your Profile to convert job opportunities. Know that your profile will attract and position you in the best possible way to land you interviews and job offers asap.
100% money-back guarantee if you don’t land a job within 1 month.