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March – Hit of Hiring

Welcome to March Hit of Hiring!

It’s that time of the month again when we bring you the juiciest news from the remote work world! ?

We know you’re busy hustling, so we’ve handpicked the most intriguing updates in the realm of remote hiring to keep you in the loop.

Whether you’re looking to expand your remote team, searching for the best practices in remote management, or just curious about the latest trends, our monthly newsletter has got you covered. ?

Stay tuned, because we’re about to unveil some game-changing insights that could reshape the way you approach remote hiring!?

In this Month’s Newsletter…

? Remote Hiring in The Media

? Join our Webinar

? How ChatGPT-4 Created a Business With 100$

? Case Study: One Superstar Director of Operations for a Digital Marketing Agency

? Stats: Contract Workers are Shaping the Future of Recruiting

? Our Featured Candidates

? Remote Hiring in the Media

?Join our Webinar

Join us on April 12th for our exclusive webinar: “Scaling Chaos? How to Hire an Ops Expert For Your Agency.”

We’ll be interviewing an Operations Leader and discussing the secrets of finding, attracting, and securing the ideal Operations Expert for your thriving agency.

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? How ChatGPT-4 Created a Business With 100$

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? Another Remotivate Success Story…

Reputation Sensei by Digital Media Nation, an Atlanta-based digital marketing agency, realized the need for a remote savvy Director of Operations to help drive their growth.

“We’ve always had local people in the office, and that certainly limits your talent.” Explains the CEO.

Discover how Remotivate’s expert team streamlined the recruitment process, narrowing down from over 990 applicants to identify one Superstar Director of Operations for Digital Media Nation.?

Read More Here

?Contract Workers are Shaping the Future of Recruiting

According to LinkedIn’s Future of Recruiting 2023 report, employers are increasingly turning to contractors as they provide more flexibility in the face of economic uncertainty.?

Between May and November 2022, the share of contract positions in the US grew by 26%, while full-time positions grew by only 6%.

Discover more  here .

? Our Featured Candidates

?We may already have the candidate you are looking for!

While we source, vet, and interview the candidates applying for our roles, it may happen that some A-Players don’t fit a specific company we are filling the role for.

It could be because of the company culture, the location, and many other factors.?

But our team thinks that these candidates could really shake things up in another company. ?

Do you want to learn more about one of those candidates? Reply to this email with the candidate’s name and we’ll get in touch!

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