The Simple Way to Find
Executive Talent

Remotivate helps digital companies hire remote superstar talent in leadership and management roles, using a proprietary vetting and filtering process, so you can focus on growing your business.


Finding, vetting and interviewing hundreds of candidates is hard work. 

It Takes So Much Time, Energy and Money

  • Spending tens of thousands of dollars on internal HR resources
  • Sifting through an increasingly competitive online talent pool
  • Hiring high tier roles like account managers and directors with soft skills is hard
  • Plus, the high cost of a bad hiring choice; impacting your productivity, culture and bottom line

… only to start the process all over again. 

It doesn’t have to be that way…

With Remotivate’s Proven Hiring System 

…that makes hiring A-players for your digital company simple. 


Save Time & Money

Save hundreds of hours usually spent on searching, filtering, and interviewing candidates. Our team will do it for you.


Interview the Best

Reach hundreds of qualified candidates and interview only the top 3% top-quality leads that we provide you with alongside all the information we’ve collected.


Scale Your Agency

Spend more time growing and less time in the hiring weeds with 3 months of after placement support, we’re here to make sure your new hire integrates smoothly.

No Ongoing

Agency Fees

No Long-Term


No C-Platers

Just Rockstars

Our wonderful clients share their experience
with hiring through us.

If you going to invest in getting the best candidates you can for a new position, working with Remotivate is a great opportunity.

The whole process has been an amazing experience for us and we’ll definitely recommend you to others.

Definitely recommend these guys because it just took so much time and effort off my shoulders. It was a no-brainer!

Our Specialties

We take care of hiring key remote talent, so you can focus on growing your business.

Management Roles

  • Operations Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Project Manager
  • PPC Account Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Customer Service Lead

Leadership & C-Level Roles

  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Director of Operations
  • Head of Operations
  • General Manager
  • Head of Growth
  • Director of Digital Marketing
  • Head of Marketing
  • Head of Talent

How It Works

Our methodology for finding the best candidates for digital agencies.


Discovery & Onboarding

We work alongside you or a member of your team to define the role and all its characteristics (from the specific requirements to needed character traits/culture fit) – we call this Vision Work. The vision is used to position the Job Description and integrated with our filtering process.

Once we’ve concluded on the vision for your role(s), we will send across an agreement and check-out form.


Developing Your Hiring Funnel

Every position is unique and requires an individual approach. We make sure to take the vision of your role into account as we develop the step-by-step process candidates will move through.

  • Our hiring funnels are between 4-6 steps.
  • We send the final job description for you to approve before launching.
  • Our funnel will test for culture fit, personality, work experience, skill level, motivations, salary expectations, and more.

Launch Position & Invite Candidates

Once the hiring funnel has been approved, we’ll actively invite hundreds of candidates from our pre-vetted database and from across dozens of platforms to apply for your position.

  • Filtering is based on our research of location, requirements, salary being offered, and more.
  • We’ll target the appropriate places knowing which platforms work and which don’t.

Filter Applicants

From day one of launch, you will receive access to our database of all applicants that apply. We want you to see the work being done, candidates who are being interviewed, and those that are really standing out from the crowd.

  • We optimize for quality over quantity.
  • Each step an applicant goes through is assessed by our hiring team.
  • Our internal scoring system will assess and identify candidates for a shot list.

Final Interviews

We will help coordinate final interviews with you/your team and provide you with all the information.

  • Make the most informed decision with guidance from our specialists.
  • Includes call support in case you’d like to discuss top applicants before or after final interviews are conducted.

Reference Checks

Before making the final decision on the applicant of your choice or setting it in stone.

  • We conduct 2-3 reference checks. 
  • We engage their previous employers to hear how they speak of the applicant and their strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Return to you with vetted results and our recommendations.

3 Months of Support

We’re with you for support as your new rockstar settles in
All our clients have the support of our team in case of any questions or concerns throughout the onboarding/trial period of a new hire.

We’re happy to provide contract templates, answer any doubts around setting the right KPIs for new hires, or just have a friendly check-in chat.

In case extensive support is needed for the onboarding and maintenance, we have separate programs in place we can offer.

Case Study

Hook Security Finds Success in Hiring VP of Sales with the Help of Remotivate.

“You guys, you’re definitely the most process-oriented recruiting group we’ve worked with today.”

When You Compare, It Makes Sense

Compare the resource requirements for hiring high-tier roles like account managers and directors

ExpensesTime SpentTotal CostRemote FocusedMotivationCandidate Sourcing
Job Board$300+ fees $100/hour owner time3+ months$12,000+PossiblyNoneLimited Database
Headhunter$25-$75 /hour40 days average$10,000+PossiblyAs long as it takesLinkedIn
Talent PlatformOngoing 15%-20% fee of freelancer’s hourly rate1 week$10,000 /year
in fees
YesKeep you on the platform and use only freelancers vs team membersLimited talent pool
Staffing Agency15%-20% of the first-year salary1-2 months$10,000+NoTo close a high salary candidateLimited Database
Remotivate1-time fee
per role
1 monthup to $7,000YesTo get you the BEST fit candidateIn-house Database + 15+ remote focused Job Boards + LinkedIn

Our Mission

We believe the future of work is Remote, and have dedicated our time to providing a thorough, transparent and easy-to-use recruitment service, for all remote hiring needs. 

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