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Kim Hired a Chief of Staff

“The help that we received, through Anna and her company was key in getting us now to the next level.”

The Intro:

Founded in 2008, The URL dr is a leading innovator in online learning solutions dedicated to helping online businesses succeed in their online education and training endeavors.

Realizing she needed help as the business continued to grow, The URL dr’s President and Founder Kim Merritt was initially set on bringing onboard a Project Manager. That is until she got to sit down with Anna, Remotivate’s CEO, who listened to Kim’s wishlist in her ideal candidate. It was then that they determined that rather than a Project Manager, a Chief of Staff would more likely be better suited to meet Kim’s needs. 

Kim Merritt
The URL dr
Elearning Company
United States

The Challenge:

Initially attempting to do the hiring on her own, Kim had soon grown frustrated at the costs and time it was taking to find the right person. She tried working with other recruitment agencies who in the end did produce someone that Kim hoped would bring the help that she needed. Unfortunately, the new hire didn’t quite deliver the hoped for results, and once again, Kim found herself on the search for a new team member.

“I think part of the reason that they didn’t work out was my hiring process.” Kim explained.

“I have had bad experiences with hiring employees that did not have a background and experience in remote work.” she further added.

The Solution:

By then, Kim had already spoken with other recruiting companies, but none seemed to provide the remote work hiring experience that she needed for her company.  That is until she spoke with Remotivate. 

“You were specialists in remote hires, executives or remote companies. The other companies I talked to, that was not their specialty.” Kim shared.

“In ten minutes, you knew I needed more than a Project Manager. I didn’t know that, but you did, and you were spot on correct and it’s going to have a huge impact on what my company is going to be able to do in the upcoming months and years!” Kim exclaims in wonder.

With Remotivate’s Done-For-You service, Kim had access to a transparent and uniquely designed ATS system that allowed her to see exactly where every candidate was at any point in time. She also enjoyed the responsiveness of the team and valued the ability to ask questions and receive quick answers.

As opposed to the usual percentage-based pricing typical of recruitment agencies, Kim appreciated the fixed fee for the service and the 90-day guarantee, saying: “That just made me comfortable that I was making the right decision choosing you to deal with.”

The Results:

Given some of the unique and top level requirements for Kim’s would be Chief of Staff,  it would be ten weeks of careful invitations, screening, reviewing and talking to several candidates before Jodi, the candidate who ticks all of Kim’s boxes and more was found. 

The search for the A-Player Chief of Staff involved inviting over 620 candidates across Canada and the US, ​​which resulted in a robust pool of 413 applications.

These applicants were then evaluated and filtered to produce a selection of 24 candidates out of which, 5 were hand-picked to move forward to final conversations with the URL dr team. 

After interviewing five candidates, Kim was ecstatic to find her perfect fit.

“She is exactly, and I mean, exactly, what I had asked and defined for me, I just am so excited over for the next year or two years to come on what she’s going to be able to do for us.” Kim enthused over her new hire, Jodi.

The experience with Remotivate has left such a positive impression that Kim has already recommended their services to others. “I would not only recommend your services I already have!”, Kim smiles

If you or your team could use some help hiring an A-player, or even if you just need more qualified candidates for your pipeline, just grab a time slot on Anna’s calendar here, and book a free demo call with her to find out how to take your remote hiring process to a whole new (and much better) level!

Jodi Bepler Photo
Jodi Bepler
Chief of Staff

“The help that we received, through Anna and her company was key in getting us now to the next level.”

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