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Description for our service

Many companies we work with are in scale mode, and are in need of an Ops & HR Consultant, to brainstorm solutions as challenges come up.

Anna offers 1-on-1 hourly calls to support founders, and to help provide feedback and advice on everything from current team challenges, team growth, setting and managing expectations, onboarding guidance, reviewing current recruitment processes/structures and more.

Whats included

Who this is for

Small business owners growing a remote team who need someone to lean on from time to time with questions around hiring, letting staff go, onboarding, people management, remote culture and more.

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Frequently Asked Question

Who is the Hourly Consulting service for?

Hourly Consulting is ideal for companies in scale mode that need guidance on operations and HR challenges. This service is designed for founders, team leaders, and HR managers who need one-on-one support and advice on various aspects of team growth, management, and recruitment.

What type of challenges can I discuss with the consultant?

You can discuss any challenges related to team growth, management, and recruitment with our consultant. This includes but is not limited to team challenges, setting and managing expectations, onboarding guidance, and reviewing current recruitment processes/structures.

What is the hourly rate for this service?

Our hourly rate for Hourly Consulting is $200 per hour.

How do I schedule a call with the consultant?

Please pick a date at the Schedule a Consultation Call section above. From there, you will be able to select a time that works best for you and provide some information about the challenges you would like to discuss.

Can I book multiple calls with the same consultant?

Yes, you can book as many calls as you need with the same consultant. Our Hourly Consulting service is flexible and designed to provide ongoing support to our clients.

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What’s Included

Call with Expert

1-on-1 hourly consulting call with HR & Ops Expert

Feedback on Growth

Feedback and advice on team challenges and growth

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