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Dan Hired a Staff Accountant

“I was really impressed with your guys’ system of scoring, filtering out candidates, and essentially providing me qualified candidates to interview.”

The Intro:

Established in 2011, Accounting Wise is a remote-based company that specializes in providing a full suite of accounting services to SaaS companies, including accounting, bookkeeping, financial planning, budgeting, and payroll. 

They were on the hunt for a remote-savvy accountant with a unique blend of software company accounting experience and exceptional interpersonal and technical skills.

Dan Gomez, Accounting Wise Founder, enthusiastically shared, “the type of role I was looking for is so niche and specific, that I felt it was absolutely worth going with you guys.”

Dan Gomez
Accounting Wise
United States

The Challenge:

The quest to find a candidate with the niche skill set Accounting Wise needed, who could also flourish in their remote team, was no walk in the park. 

After initially trying to fill the role independently and across multiple countries, Dan realized that the perfect candidate who had both the professional and people skills that he needed was a rare gem. After initially hiring someone who eventually proved to not quite fit the bill, thus requiring them to restart the process from scratch, Dan decided it was time to call in the experts in a bid to save time and resources.

The Solution:

Having worked successfully with Remotivate before, Dan opted to once again reach out for this crucial hire.

“Having earlier tried Remotivate’s Active Sourcing Service where they benefitted from having their candidate funnel populated by Remotivate’s sourcing specialists while their own team did the vetting, Dan decided to go for Remotivate’s full  “Done-For-You” Service package this time around.  

This he found to be an absolute game changer. “It saved me so much time, it was so much better!” he enthused.

This time, Dan chose Remotivate’s full-service package, which he said was a game-changer: “It saved me so much time, it was so much better.”

Remotivate’s Done-For-You Service covered everything from crafting job descriptions to sourcing, vetting, interviews, candidate communication, test project assistance, and reference checks. This comprehensive approach ensured that only the most qualified and fitting candidates made it to the final interviews with CEOs.

Dan appreciated the time saved by using Remotivate’s services, stating, “I want to be putting my time in other revenue-generating places and not necessarily spending it interviewing and going through resumes.” 

He also found the fixed fee reasonable and enjoyed working with the Remotivate team, describing the process as “enjoyable, pain-free, and straightforward.”

The Results:

In a mere three weeks, Remotivate connected Accounting Wise with a top-notch candidate, conserving precious time, resources, and energy. 

From the 1,350 candidates who were initially invited, the list was narrowed down to 687 applicants. It was then further refined to a shortlist of 13 candidates interviewed by Remotivate’s hiring managers who selected the best candidates to present to Dan. The top four candidates went head-to-head in a final discussion with Accounting Wise’s founder. 

After having talked to the candidates and reviewed their submitted test projects, Accounting Wise found their ideal Staff Accountant in the person of Hira, who an accountant based in Canada. Since being hired by the company, Hira has integrated seamlessly into the team and has already earned a glowing 30-day review which highlighted her demonstrated and outstanding progress along with her superb team fit. Her specialized knowledge and experience with accounting for SaaS companies coupled with her strong interpersonal skills has proven to be invaluable to the team where her significant positive impact has already been felt by the company.

If you or your team could use some help hiring an A-player, or even if you just need more qualified candidates for your pipeline, just grab a time slot on Anna’s calendar here, and book a free demo call with her to find out how to take your remote hiring process to a whole new (and much better) level!

Hira Aizaz
Staff Accountant
“I was really impressed with your guys’ system of scoring, filtering out candidates, and essentially providing me qualified candidates to interview.”

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