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How to Conduct Effective Remote Interviews

The Growing Your Team
The Growing Your Team
How to Conduct Effective Remote Interviews

Whether the next position you’re trying to fill is an in-office position or a remote position, chances are, part of the hiring process will be conducted remotely. The question is, do you know how to conduct effective remote interviews?

How do you ensure you’re creating a process that helps you identify if someone is the right fit? How do you judge a candidate on the right criteria and not let biases get in the way?

Anna Shcherbyna answers all these questions. Listen as she shares how to conduct effective remote interviews that will lead you to your perfect new hire.

In this Episode You’ll Hear:

  1. How hiring remote positions opens the door of opportunity for both the company and the team member. (2:27)
  2. Why interviewing candidates is a lot like playing detective. (5:49)
  3. Why follow-up questions can be the most important questions you ask in an interview. (9:26)
  4. Anna’s 5 Step process for ensuring you’re getting the right team members. (13:39)
  5. Why doing reference checks can be an important part of the hiring process, and how you can approach them so you get honest answers. (19:26)
  6. Why purposely creating a stressful situation to test the candidate is not a good idea. (27:10)
  7. When it’s okay judge the candidate based on the picture and sound quality of their interview. (29:52)
  8. How to track team members’ hours and work through an environment of trust and without creating stress. (39:09)

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