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Danny hired PPC AM

“This service is great for agencies that need to niche down in terms of the technical talent and that are looking to pay realistic, not low wages, realistic wages.”

The Intro:

Before working with Remotivate, Danny was only getting a trickle of partially-qualified candidates, not the steady stream of A-players he had been hoping for.

“We just didn’t get the volume through – and you need volume.”

“We would put an ad out and get maybe 5 or 6 people, and then there are ones that don’t show (for an interview). But with (Remotivate), (we’ve) got hundreds of people that (the Remotivate team) can then filter down.”

“When you have a larger pool of people coming in, it gives you more opportunity to be careful about who’s going to be the most relevant for the problem.”

Prior to signing on with Remotivate, Databrill had tried a few other recruiting agencies, posted relentlessly on job boards, and even offered a handsome $2,000 reward for anyone who could refer a candidate that made it to the onboarding process.

And yet….crickets.

Danny McMillan
United Kingdom

The Challenge:

“We were really trying,” Danny said of their previous hiring efforts.

“Talent isn’t always easy to come by.”

Aside from the general difficulty of getting enough qualified candidates to create a pool large enough to choose from, there was an issue of competition from larger firms.

These firms could afford to outbid Databrill for the same position and therefore price them out of the running for lots of great candidates.

“Talent was getting sucked out of the market,” Danny admits, which only increased the pressure to find the right person for the job before their competitors did.

The hiring situation was getting to a point where the team at Databrill began to feel that finding the right PPC account manager for them might be an impossible task.

Then Remotivate came along.

The Solution:

Danny initially decided to consider Remotivate to help with hiring his PPC account manager because of a referral.

Upon starting his initial call with Anna, he says he instantly “got a vibe” from her, a hunch that he had finally found the person who could find his team a great hire.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

“I didn’t even have to think about it – I just said, ‘Where do I pay?’”

Anna and her team at Remotivate jumped into action and were able to find an awesome PPC account manager to fit Databrill’s unique style and level of performance.

Danny commented that the candidate they had seen before hiring Remotivate “just weren’t there” regarding the level of commitment and performance they wanted.

Anna describes one key contrast between a small company like Databrill trying to hire on their own and the variety of resources of a remote recruiting firm like Remotivate: “We have an entire team just getting candidates to apply.”

That difference became clear as the “volume” Danny had been so searching for started to become a reality.

The Remotivate hiring process involved inviting over 1300 candidates across Europe and North America, which resulted in a robust pool of 321 applications.

Those 321 applicants were sorted and filtered to produce a selection of 18 candidates, out of which 5 were hand-picked to proceed to a final chat with the Databrill team.

Upon starting that final handful of interviews, Danny didn’t have long to wait before he got another good “vibe.”

He describes the feeling he got from meeting the winning candidate, Melissa, for the first time as a type of relief: “Finally – the wait is over.”

The Results:

For a high-demand role like this one, it took a little over 2 months for the role to officially close, and Databrill finalizing a contract with Melissa.

During this time, Danny loved the “ruthless efficiency” shown by Remotivate in “each and every part of the process” to find him the perfect candidate.

Danny was looking for the perfect person to partner with him and his team at Databrill in the hiring process, but not to take over his decision-making.

He wanted someone to whom he could say, “Pick the best fruit from the tree for me”, so that he could make the final decision from the highly-qualified pool of candidates that he and his team had been searching for but so far hadn’t been able to find.

After signing up with Remotivate, Danny felt that he had finally found that partner.

“We’ve been very lucky to find Melissa through Anna and her team.”

Danny gave a glowing recommendation for any other business looking to hire an A-player with the help of an expert: “This service is great for agencies that need to niche down in terms of the technical talent and that are looking to pay realistic, not low wages, realistic wages,” as opposed to the wage demands Databrill saw before working with Remotivate.

“I don’t think there’s anyone that this isn’t for – why wouldn’t you want some people – friendly, super-efficient people – with a big pool of talent (to take care of this for you)? Why would that not fit for anyone?”

Danny closed his chat with Anna by expressing his hope to work together in the future: “When we get to the stage of looking for an (additional) PPC account manager, we’ll come straight back to you.”

If you or your team could use some help hiring an A-player, or even if you just need more qualified candidates for your pipeline, just grab a time slot on Anna’s calendar here, and use your free demo call with her to find out how to take your remote hiring process to a whole new (and much better) level!

Melissa Davis
PPC Account Manager
“This service is great for agencies that need to niche down in terms of the technical talent and that are looking to pay realistic, not low wages, realistic wages.”

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