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Success Story

John hired a Head of Operations

“I talked to several of my friends who’d already used your service and been happy with the result.”

The Intro:

John, CEO at Seller Candy, an Amazon Agency, needed to hire an Operations Expert for his business.

He had already hired for this role in the past.

“They just weren’t the right level of experience”, “they worked in a company smaller than ours, and they didn’t know the steps to get to the next level.”- said John.

So, he decided to get Remotivate’s help.

John Cavendish
Seller Candy
Information and Internet
United Kingdom

The Challenge:

Initially, John hired a consultant to help the company and hired him full-time as the Head of Operations. Unfortunately, this team member wasn’t helping the company grow to the next level.

John recognized that hiring a top management role through experience alone might be difficult.

The level of experience doesn’t always match the level of expertise required for those roles.

The real challenge was to hire “somebody that had already walked the path before, someone that knew the steps (to grow the business)”.

As Anna mentions to many business owners when hiring for this role “It’s really having someone where you feel like if you step away, the house won’t burn down without you.”

And that’s the type of candidate Remotivate found for John.

The Solution:

John needed a team of experts in hiring remote leadership to find the perfect fit.

He decided to go with Remotivate to hire a new COO for his company instead of hiring on his own as Remotivate came highly recommended by a few of his colleagues.

“As always in business, go with the service that’s been given good feedback” (tried and true).

The whole process was easier for John and it was such a relief for him to not go through the vetting process on his own.

He enjoyed being updated each step of the way.

“It was great not having to go through 50 or 100 applications. And I went through, around seven, which is much easier.”

Remotivate‘s hiring process involved inviting over 600 applicants across different online platforms, and processing 186 applications.

Those applicants were sorted and filtered down into 13 people. Out of those initially interviewed, 7 made it to a final call with Seller Candy CEO, John Cavendish.

The Results:

For a top-level management position such as COO/Head of Operations, Remotivate exceeded expectations by delivering within seven weeks.

“It was the appropriate amount of time for finding the right person. With good people, there’s the right place and the right time because good people are not unemployed.”- said John.

John’s patience paid off and the CEO couldn’t be happier with his chosen candidate for the role.

“The guy has been hired as an amazing culture fit. Phenomenal culture fit, which is why I hired him.”

The winning candidate went above and beyond by effectively handling delivery and really owned the operations of the business, but also communicated in such a clear way to the team.

John is 100% confident that his new team member can now run the business without him.

“He’s an amazing guy. I love him. And I want him to stay with the company forever. He’s amazing. He’s already impacted many, many parts of the business.”

At the end of the chat with Anna, John recommends giving Remotivate a try.

He says that this service is perfect if you’re a business owner with a company that’s at the stage of scale.

Also, if you are looking to hire an A-player for a leadership role or high-level position.

If you or your team could use some help hiring an A-player, or even if you just need more qualified candidates for your pipeline, just grab a time slot on Anna’s calendar here, and book a free demo call with her to find out how to take your remote hiring process to a whole new (and much better) level!

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Warren Delicate
Head of Operations
“I talked to several of my friends who’d already used your service and been happy with the result.”

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