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Adam hired an ECom Manager

“Definitely recommend you guys because it just took so much time and effort off my shoulders. It was a no brainer. So I have and will recommend you guys.”

The Intro:

Adam, CEO at Human Tonik, a health supplement company, decided to reach out to Remotivate for help in hiring an eCommerce Manager after a few attempts on his own via UpWork.

“​​I hired someone last year, but it wasn’t quite a good fit. “

Adam mentioned that his process wasn’t set up in a very effective way for filtering top candidates.

He ended up finding someone “very knowledgeable in and around the products but in terms of eCommerce, back-end skills…that was lacking.”

“At the beginning of this year, I realized that I needed help.” – confessed Adam.

Adam Wright
Human Tonik
Health & Wellness
United States

The Challenge:

Before deciding to start working with an agency, Adam tried freelancer websites, but he found: “you get so many applications and then you spend so much time filtering”.

Running a business and managing a hiring funnel can be extremely time-consuming but that’s not the only reason that Adam decided to approach Remotivate.

“I wasn’t sure I’d be confident in making the right decision at the end”.

Aside from filtering a large number of candidates, the other issue Adam discovered was being objective when making a final choice.

As Anna often recommends to entrepreneurs and business owners, having a two-step interview process is necessary for the best outcome – “we’re so eager to fill that position that we really need, that sometimes, we overlook a lot of red flags”.

At this point, Adam understood that outsourcing for an A-player eCommerce Manager was a much-needed service.

“I didn’t want to repeat the mistakes I made before” so, “I asked around and they recommended Remotivate”.

The Solution:

For Adam, it was his very first time using a recruitment agency.

Adam mentions one of his favorite parts of working with Remotivate: “I like that you have a scoring system”.

Remotivate’s process allows business owners to check a live Applicant Tracking System and monitor the various stages candidates go through throughout the hiring process.

During the hiring process, there were a few people that were shortlisted and were interesting but not exactly the right fit.

“Initially, I thought they’d be really good because they’ve had other skills that I could use elsewhere.“

This is something that could happen a lot during hiring. Finding someone that has additional skills you could utilize in other aspects of the business but not always the skills necessary for the role that we set out to fill.

“What you guys helped me do is to keep focusing on the role that we’re hiring for”.

“You helped me define the role because it was really loose initially”.

The CEO also found amazing about the process’s consistent support pre, during, and after the hiring.

Remotivate‘s hiring process involved inviting over 630 candidates across Europe and Asia, which resulted in a robust pool of 331 applications.

Those 331 applicants were sorted and filtered to produce a selection of 15 candidates that went through the video screening process. The result was the top 2 candidates that proceeded to a final chat with Adam.

“Being able to see the (candidate) videos can give you a sense of if a candidate would be the right fit as well. “

The Results:

For the eCommerce Manager, it took 6 weeks for the role to officially close and for Human Tonik to finalize a contract with Alex.

“He (Alex) was super quick to get up to speed with everything he was doing, and he made suggestions on how to improve the business”.

Adam gave a great recommendation for any other business looking to hire an A-player with the help of an expert: “This is perfect for a remote business that is looking to hire in a different region, different country. Because I see your expertise and not only the hiring process but in terms of your candidate list.”

Also, Adam added that he would definitely recommend Remotivate as “you guys just took so much time and effort off my shoulders and having a fixed fee was much better than a percentage of salary, so it’s no risk for us.”

Adam closed his chat with Anna by reporting that he liked the team and that we had a support period after hiring. But surprisingly he said:

“For me, there wasn’t any follow-up needed because Alex was a great candidate. But knowing that (you were there to help) actually was nice”.

If you or your team could use some help hiring an A-player, or even if you just need more qualified candidates for your pipeline, just grab a time slot on Anna’s calendar here, and book a free demo call with her to find out how to take your remote hiring process to a whole new (and much better) level!

1614887106008 (1)
Alex Munteanu-Balasa
E-Commerce Manager
“Definitely recommend you guys because it just took so much time and effort off my shoulders. It was a no brainer. So I have and will recommend you guys.”

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