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Success Story

Rick hired a Senior Project Manager

“Your team has been really good. They definitely share your values and your attitude, your enthusiasm, so I found them really easy to work with.”

The Intro:

Operating since 2001, the Inside Out Group (formerly known as Permission), an SME and B2B-focused marketing consulting company based in Australia, was faced with the same difficulties faced by most businesses brought about by the abrupt transition to a fully remote work environment during the height of the COVID 19 pandemic.

At that time, Inside Out was on the search for a savvy Project Manager who could effectively handle their projects and take care of service delivery for their clients and distributed team members in the new fully remote space.

Rick Merten
Inside Out Group

The Challenge:

After initially trying to hire on their own, they eventually decided to reach out to third-party recruitment agencies to assist in their search for the right candidate. Unfortunately, they would find the candidates they tried from the earlier agencies they worked with to be lacking in relation to what they were looking for.

”We had somebody that wasn’t quite right,” Rick said. “We couldn’t find anybody with the right skills and communication.”

The Solution:

Upon starting his work with Remotivate, Rick described that he appreciated the transparency and open ATS access that Remotivate’s process provided.

By having the chance to check and review for himself all the candidates being processed in the funnel, he was always able to see how many applicants there were and where they stood in the shortlisting process.

“The ATS allowed me to be at arm’s length to the process, but when I wanted to be more in the weeds, I could easily step in and respond to that” Rick reflects. “That allowed me to also look at those candidates before your team actually rolled them in or out of the gate and allowed me the opportunity to give some feedback on it.”

”The video process, I thought, was also quite good.” Rick further comments. “The ability to go wide, and really nail down on to the correct shortlist was really what made it an effective process for me.”

The search that covered Australia, the Philippines, and Asia would see 2,458 invited candidates be narrowed to 923 candidates who were further evaluated and filtered down to 37, shortlisted to 4, before finally finding that gem who ticked all the boxes Inside Out needed.

The Results:

It may have taken a while, but Saad, the candidate that Remotivate found for Inside Out was everything and more that Rick and his team hoped to find in their new Project Manager.

“He has been superb and has helped develop better processes, build up better timelines, engaging with our clients to make sure they’re delivering and we’re delivering on time” Rick happily shares.

On the Team’s Handling of his account:

It may have taken a while, but the wait was proven to be very much worth it.

“It wasn’t that your process was slow, it just takes time to refine the right people,” Rick admits.

On one of the post-hiring client check-in calls with Remotivate’s CEO Anna, Rick expressed his appreciation for the team’s enthusiastic and tenacious commitment to the search for a fantastic candidate for their firm as well as an appreciation for their support.

“Whenever I needed to jump on a call, they were definitely there to be able to communicate with me,” he states.

When asked about the latest feedback about Saad, their new Project Manager:

“We’ve already had some really good strong testimonials from a couple of projects that he’s been involved in, that demonstrates the connection that he’s building with our clients and the connections he’s building within our own team,” Rick enthused.

If you or your team could use some help hiring an A-player, or even if you just need more qualified candidates for your pipeline, just grab a time slot on Anna’s calendar here, and book a free demo call with her to find out how to take your remote hiring process to a whole new (and much better) level!

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Saad Sharif Ahmed
Senior Project Manager
“Your team has been really good. They definitely share your values and your attitude, your enthusiasm, so I found them really easy to work with.”

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