Referral Program

We want to give back to our candidates with a uniquely rewarding referral program.


How It Works

For every awesome human you refer who ends up being hired through Remotivate, we’ll give you $200!
Each referral bonus of $200 will be paid out as soon as all the “i’s” are dotted and “t’s” are crossed with our hiring process (translation: within 1-2 months.) 


Why We Do It

We tend to believe that cool people attract other cool people, and since you’re obviously a pretty cool person (after all, you’re here on our site!), we figure you have some pretty cool friends who would also be great at working remotely in one of Remotivate’s carefully-curated remote roles. We’d love to meet them! Our uniquely rewarding referral program is a chance for you to help your friends – while also helping us build our community of like-minded super-cool remote-working professionals.


Is it Safe to Make a Referral?

We’re confident that your friends and coworkers will love working with us – and if they don’t, no harm done! They don’t have to move forward with the hiring process.



How to make a referral?

Step 1 – Send to your friend. 

Step 2 – Your friend completes their application and mentions your email (referral). 

Email Example

Still, have questions?

That’s great! We love questions! (Unless they’re about the origins of the universe, the Periodic Table, or that kind of science-y stuff – that’s not really our thing.)

But for any OTHER questions, click the “Contact Us” button below, and we’ll get back to you lickety-split!

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