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  • Change is Coming

    Jun 8, 2021
    Agency Rockstars PODCAST · EPISODE 53


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  • Optimizing Remote Recruitment

    Apr 26, 2021
    Paul Higgins PODCAST · EPISODE 295

    Recruitment itself is not an easy task because it entails a lot of layers to consider when selecting best-fit talents for certain positions. But when you’re recruiting remotely, the challenge goes several notches higher.

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  • Remote Recruitment in 2021

    Feb 9, 2021
    The Mark Struczewski PODCAST · EPISODE 734

    For the past 9 years, Anna Shcherbyna has worked in operations and recruitment for companies and remote businesses. Currently, she runs a recruitment agency that helps online businesses hire top remote talent via an affordable done-for-you service.

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  • How to hire amazing people with Anna Shcherbyna

    Feb 3, 2021
    Agency Highway PODCAST · EPISODE 127

    This is an absolute beast of an episode. Anna Shcherbyna from Remotivate joins the show to share a start-to-finish playbook on how to hire amazing employees. The conversation covers where to go to find people and all the steps to go through to make sure they’re a great fit before you hire them.

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  • How to Conduct Effective Remote Interviews

    Jan 5, 2021
    The Growing Your Team PODCAST · EPISODE 56

    Whether the next position you’re trying to fill is an in-office position or a remote position, chances are, part of the hiring process will be conducted remotely.

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  • The Future is Remote with Anna Shcherbyna

    Dec 11, 2020
    Future Forward Sales PODCAST · EPISODE 2

    Here at Future Forward Sales, we are committed to helping you reach new heights in your sales success. That’s why we do the Future Forward Sales podcast – each episode is an opportunity to learn from another business leader’s journey and success.

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  • Finding the Perfect Remote Candidate for Your Business

    Dec 2, 2020
    Biz Soup Podcast Radio PODCAST · EPISODE 86

    Anna Shcherbyna is the founder and CEO of remotivate.com – a company dedicated to reshaping the space of remote recruitment, from how candidates are screened to helping online businesses build and manage remote teams in a unique and sustainable way.

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